Custom AK47’s

Ford’s is now offering American made fully polished AK47 rifles. Built in house with fully heat treated receivers that are manufactured at our facility. They also feature American made barrels that are either chrome lined or nitrocarburized. Each rifle is test fired at our facility before leaving to ensure flawless function. Bright and brushed finishes are only available on Ford’s manufactured AK’s.

This is our first AK, polished 24K Gold. Many more details and more detailed photos of each style will come soon.



24K Gold – $3500
Polished Chrome – $2500 w/Gold Appointments – $3000
Bright Nickel – $2500 w/Gold Appointments – $3000
Master Blue – $2500 w/Gold Appointments – $3000
Brushed Chrome – $2250
Brushed Nickel- $2250

If you are interested in purchasing a Ford’s Custom AK47, please call us at (352) 564-0001.