Family Owned and Operated. We do every gun one at a time. No Mass Production

Horace and his wife, Larna, own and operate Ford’s Gun’s together. With nearly three decades of experience, Horace’s work has been featured in popular gun magazines. He has done work for collectors. He has refinished many guns used in movies, extensive work for small gun shops, and manufacturers. Ford’s is one of two companies that does Magnum Researches custom refinishing on the Desert Eagle pistols and also do all nickel plating for Cimarron’s revolvers. “Every customer is valuable to us and we refinish every gun as if it were our own”.

Ford’s has a team of experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen in their shop located in historic Crystal River, Florida. “We are a family business. Our plating tanks are maintained with the right solutions to ensure consistent quality of our finishes. Each step of the refinishing process is done by hand. We don’t use any of the mass production techniques that are common in many of the refinishing shops today. Our hands on attention to detail allows us to maintain the crisp edges, the exact roundness of the holes and the close tolerances that are critical to the proper functioning of your firearm. We guarantee our finishes for one full year, excluding the finishes that are intended for show and collector guns only”.

Ford’s has developed an effective Quality Assurance Program. Each firearm is closely inspected at each process, and personally checked before being returned.

Ford’s business philosophy includes quality work, integrity, and personal service, something that is truly rare in today’s business world. “We are so proud of our business that it bears the name Ford’s”, the name of Larna’s beloved deceased father, Lawrence Ford.